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If you want to understand 2024,
learn about what happened in 1933.

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In 2004 I made a documentary film, “Theologians Under Hitler,” which exposed the extent of Christian support for Nazi Germany. It changed my life, and those of others who saw it and took its message seriously.

Twenty years later, we have arrived at the brink of what I feared: America, where it “can’t happen here,” faces an election in which one candidate has pledged a dictatorship “on day one.” Christians across the nation will vote for him; Christian leaders will endorse him from their pulpits. And this challenges the very foundation of the faith.

This podcast tells the Church’s history during the Third Reich. Consider supporting this podcast if you:

  • Feel that we (not just in the US, but all over the world) are on a treacherous path
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Please join me in this venture. Thank you.

– Rev. Steven D. Martin