UM Insight: Pastor Creates New Podcast to Explore America’s Right-Wing Threat

When the Rev. Steven D. Martin was in seminary, he read a book titled “Theologians Under Hitler.” The book examined how seemingly faithful, moral German Christians could have supported the tyrannical, murderous Nazi regime in the 1930s and 1940s.

He’s been struggling ever since with the knowledge that the theologies he studied were formed by people who actively participated with Nazi government.

Now, as the United States and other countries face the threat of increasing authoritarian governments, Rev. Martin has begun a new podcast, “The Altar and the Eagle.” The history podcast will explore the phenomenon of religious people giving their support to a political system that diametrically opposes the teachings of Jesus Christ through the lens of Germany’s Third Reich. Its title refers to German churches displaying Nazi flags, something the podcaster likens to American churches displaying U.S. flags in their worship spaces.

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