Understanding the Unthinkable: Hitler’s Speeches in English and Their Relevance Today

We’re launching a new feature of this podcast. In addition to the longer-form episodes, we’re releasing a short, weekly recording that addresses an important historical or current-day topic or event.

In this episode of “The Altar and the Eagle,” host Steven Martin dives into a controversial topic: Hitler’s speeches. He discusses the unsettling experience of hearing an AI-generated English translation of one of Hitler’s speeches and emphasizes the importance of understanding the power of speech and propaganda in shaping history. Drawing parallels to today, Steven highlights the need to remain vigilant against authoritarian rule and stand against intolerance. He stresses the importance of approaching this subject with sensitivity and responsibility, acknowledging the real lives impacted by such hateful ideologies. Join us as we explore the delicate balance of learning from history while honoring its victims, and consider the human complexity behind one of history’s most infamous figures.

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