What in Heaven’s Name Does Race Have to Do With Baptism?

Welcome to The Altar and the Eagle, where we challenge conventional views and explore the intersection of politics, history, and religion. In today’s episode, we dive into the complex and often misunderstood topic of baptism, guided by insights from the late Glenn Stassen, and host Reverend Steven D. Martin. We uncover the deep significance of baptism, particularly in the context of Nazi Germany, where baptism became a matter of life and death. We unravel the historical backdrop of the church-state relations in Germany, the impact of the Nazi regime on society, and the bureaucratic implementation of discriminatory policies.

Join us as we dissect the deeper implications of baptism, racial politics, and the role of the church in navigating tumultuous times. This is “What in Heaven’s Name Does Race Have to Do With Baptism?”, an exploration that will challenge your perceptions and provoke critical reflection.

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